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Last week Leopard Studio got a call from L.A. to do a mobile recording for an L.A. based podcast, “You Made It Weird”, hosted by comedian Pete Holmes, and put out by

The recording took place at Morimoto restaurant in Philadelphia, over some sushi.  A wonderful restaurant isn’t really a recording studio but we made it work.

I brought my mobile recording rig which includes my Macbook Pro computer, an Apogee microphone preamp and digital converter, a small mixer, 3 microphones and the stands and cables to make it all work.  They brought a few staff members from HBO and their management, and the 3 super hilarious comics.

This podcast features a lot about a new HBO show coming out soon, called “Crashing”.  The show will be directed and produced by Judd Apatow, with Pete Holmes as the lead and Artie Lange as a major character.  You can read about this show literally everywhere right now, including here.

What did these funny guys talk about for over an hour?  Among other things, Bill Cosby, The Howard Stern Show, starting out in comedy, sushi, ladders, working at Bennigan’s, their new HBO show, drugs they used to do, and doing standup comedy.  Plus it all was spontaneous and funny.

Link to the podcast on