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This week I had an unusual job here in the studio.  I mastered a 4track recording made on cassette tape back onto a cassette tape.  Completely using just analog audio gear.  4track to cassetteNick from Philly Tapes Philly was in the studio with the latest of the recordings he’s doing, recording bands in his house onto old school 4tracks.  Like the ones from the 1980’s (I had one then too!).  He’s recording songs this way and releasing them at a special show at Ortliebs, here in Philadelphia.  I’ve been helping out with the project.  For the mastering, which made the tape sound much more alive and properly rendered for playback, we used some of the classic recording studio units I have here in Leopard Studio.  After all, we did start as a recording studio!  4track in, to the mixer, add some highs, cut the lows, bring out some guitars.  Then out to the Emipirical Labs “Distressor” units for some 1960’s style optical compression.  We sent that out to the Avalon 737 stereo limiter, where we made it a bit louder, and finalized the EQ (a bit more highs again), and bang, onto a cassette tape.  That gets duplicated and put out at the show this week.  That’s a fun little project!