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Audiobook Recording

Leopard Studio Is a Perfect Partner for Your Audiobook Recording.

We can either record the narrator at our studio, or on location. We can edit audio consisting of many takes into a seamless track. Once the audio is recorded, arranged and edited we then master the recording to set an appropriate sound level (volume) and set the correct balance of tone (bass, treble, midrange, etc,).

Record Audio Yourself

– Then Have Us Mix/Master the Recordings for a Professional Sound.

Another service we can do for audio-books is taking existing recorded audio and sound engineer the recording so as to make it sound more professional. While we can’t make a dog into a cat, we can really improve the sound of audio recorded elsewhere. Things we may be able to change are background hiss and hum, low sound level, & muddy and boomy sounds. Additionally, if contacted prior to the recording of the narration, we can offer tips from our experience to make the initial recording as strong as possible.

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