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Before I started with the video business Leopard Studio was  strictly a music recording studio.  Before we moved down to Philadelphia Pa, Gordon Raphael and I started the studio as TransporterraumNYC in the East Village. After we closed, I took that gear with me, including our famous purple curtains, up to Stone Ridge NY, a short hike from Woodstock and New Paltz, in the Hudson Valley.  In the years out in the country we first became known as Leopard Studio.  We featured 1200 sq ft of space, a Steinway Piano, Hammond Organ, many guitars amps and drums, and a fantastic selection of microphones.   I had a blast making and recording music, for about 12 years, and had the good fortune to work with many great musicians, Garth Hudson (The Band), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, John Lennon), Richard Butler (Pyschedelic Furs), and many more.  In fact we recorded well over 500 people, well over 125 acts.

Then we decided to focus on a new passion, making websites, videos and writing instrumental music for use in film and video.  We moved the studio down to our Philadelphia location on N. 3rd St, and changed the focus.  Now we have a private recording studio that functions for the needs we have as the current Leopard Studio.  We are still writing music and recording voiceovers, and mastering audio.

So we have reduced our gear somewhat, placed a bunch of it with our friend Max, who is recording bands now up in New Paltz.  What we kept here is the real vital parts involved in writing and creating music ourselves.  Steinway Piano, Musser Vibraphone, several guitars, bass, 2 real drum machines, 5 synthesizers, bells, a metalaphone, a Woodrow and a few great mics.  Plus all the recording gear we need – Protools HD, API and Avalon Preamps, Distressor Compressors, Lexicon Reverb, and many effects pedals.  Oh and most necessary, the old Mac Pro tower (actually not that old).

Below are a few pictures of the new recording studio:

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